Bud Light says “Perfect Beer for Removing ‘No’ from your Vocabulary”

Budlight Upforwhatever No

Bud light has put a new message on their bud light bottles. The message “The perfect beer for removing ‘No’ from your vocabulary for the night… The perfect beer for whatever happens”.

Some questions immediately off the bat.

  1. Who in the right mind would come up with this horrible message?
  2. Who in the right mind would approve of this campaign?

With all the horrible things associated with dumb and dangerous things done while under the influence, this seems to be a really bad message asking for rebuttals, retaliations and social commentary.

And so it has begun.

Under the hashtag #UpForWhatever in reddit, twitter and other social forums, there’s been quite a backlash for this campaign around the topics of drunk driving and about rape.

Your thoughts?

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Reading on your iPhone before Bed is Very Bad

Reading iPad Screen before Sleeping

How many of you read on your iPhone or iPad before going to bed?

  • Check some news?
  • Check your facebook?
  • Check your email?
  • Play some Angry Birds? Flappy Birds? Big Birds?
  • Poke around your apps for no good reason and waste a good 30 minutes?
  • Then feel tired the next day regretting it all?

Well guess what. It isn’t just the 30 minutes (or 2 hours) sleep you had lost. Additional New research suggest the problem is much more serious.

I say “suggest” because like any study there are always holes you can knit pick about or poke holes at, such as how many participants there were or whether some variable was considered. But take it for what it is, either way it is an interesting topic of discussion. Also keep in mind this is one of numerous studies that confirm the same findings. I for one feel more tired if I was reading something on the screen the previous day.

The Read Screen before Sleep Study

A study published in the journal “Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences” seems to further support numerous studies on this subject that find reading on a screen before bed could be harmful.

“We found the body’s natural circadian rhythms were interrupted by the short-wavelength enriched light, otherwise known as blue light, from these electronic devices,” said Anne-Marie Chang, PhD

Previous studies have shown that looking at a screen (more specifically having blue light shining into your eyes) suppressed melatonin levels and messes up your alertness levels.

This study compared people who read on normal books versus people who read on a screen right before sleep. Study was for two weeks with 12 participants who read on an iPad or printed books for a couple hours before bed for several days straight.

Those who read iPads took longer to fall asleep and when they did had shorted REM sleep compared to those who read printed books. They also were more tired the next day even if they had a full eight hours of sleep.

So what is the moral of the story?

Since you probably can’t stop reading the last article or email before sleeping (I’m being realistic here), just resist if you have to wake up early or have an important engagement the next day. Big test? Don’t do it. Big date? Don’t do it. Eye exam? Don’t do it. Going hunting with your love ones? Don’t do it!

Or suffer the consequences… or not. Don’t do it!

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Best of Web Video Compilation

Best of Web Video Go Pro Cam

Best of the Web Video Compilation

Needless to say, there were some amazing videos of amazing things this past year. It was also the year of the go pro cams as many of these videos were done by those little cameras attached to their helmets. It never ceases to amaze me what people are able to do.

Though these are a compilation of many popular videos from the year, I hope you don’t recognize most of these videos because if you do, it probably means you spend too much time on youtube!


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Amazing Christmas Light Show 2014

Just enjoy it for what it is. The most Amazing Christmas light setup.

This amazing christmas light show was done to the theme of Star Wars. The sequencing and creativity is the best I’ve seen. The instruments are actually playing real notes. The owner of this lovely home is a music teacher and a bay area native.

Sequenced with LOR, sound mixed via Digital Performer, filmed with a 35′ lift, this behemoth setup runs around 100,000 lights.


  • What did you think?
  • Any other ones you’ve seen that match this quality?

List of Tracks in Order:

“Star Wars Main Title and the Arrival at Naboo” – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

“Duel of the Fates” – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

“Across the Stars (Love Theme)” – Star Wars Episode II – The Phantom Menace

“Battle of the Heroes” – Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Light Saber Fight)

“The Hologram; Binary Sunset” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

“Cantina Band” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

“Ben Kenobi’s Death/TIE Fighter Attack” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (TIE Fighter Crash)

“The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)” – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

“Victory Celebration, End Title” – Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

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National Geographic Photo Winner – The Smartphone Stare

And the winner of the National Geographic 2014 photo contest is…

“A Node Glows in the Dark” by Brian Yen from Hong Kong.

National Geographic Photo Contest mobile

“I feel a certain contradiction when I look at the picture,” Yen told National Geographic. “On the one hand, I feel the liberating gift of technology. On the other hand, I feel people don’t even try to be neighborly anymore, because they don’t have to.”

Personal Thoughts

This picture reminded me of a time I visited Tokyo about 7-8 years ago. As soon as I entered the crowded train, every single hand immediately went into their pockets, pulled out a phone, and every head went down as each person looked intently at whatever their little screen was showing them. It was an eery experience as the entire train was dead silent. These were not all single riders mind you, but couples, families, but no one spoke except us loud Americans.

But I was also told, Japan is always a year or two ahead of America in terms of culture. And truth be told not long there after, I look around and people are glued to their smartphones. Kids playing games. Adults watching videos. A couple at a cafe, both staring at their phones.

Will it get better or only worse?

What comes to your mind as you look at this picture?

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Need a 105-inch Samsung HD TV? Me too.

Samsung UN105S9 Ultra HD TV 105inch

A sign of the world we live in.

105 Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

105 inches. Really?
Does anyone need something so big?
Even if you can afford it, should you buy it?

The kicker?
Price: $119,999.99

Don’t worry though, shipping is free with Amazon Prime.
Thank goodness.

What is better are the sarcastic, funny comments left by Amazon Reviewers poking fun at the ridiculous size & price of this TV.

Some Example Reviews of the 105inch Samsung TV

Amazon Reviews - Samsung HD TV

Have fun reading the comments

Check it out: 105 Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

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Letter to Readers of Clean Cut Media

Dear Clean Cut Media Readers,

Clean Cut MediaFirst of all, I apologies for the lack of postings. I am not sure if some of you may have thought Clean Cut Media was some amazing website backed by a pack of passioned writers with unlimited resources (ha! probably not many!), but it’s not. Yes I know, shocking. It’s actually a small, personal website designed for a few (mainly me) to share their desire to promote discussions about the effects of media on our worldview.

I had always hoped Clean Cut Media would be a place where I can post high quality, thought provoking articles even if it’s once every 2 weeks. That users would get excited when that next post finally came and swarm to the site in the millions (ok maybe in more like in pairs), But lo and behold, due to life just being very busy it’s been difficult.

I have nearly 300 drafts of things I had hoped to write on, but haven’t had enough time to write something worthwhile and extensive. Some of the drafts are too old now that I regret not being able to share with others. Thus…

More Reference Articles

Clean Cut Media is going to change its approach. I’ve decided that in between such posts, I will start to post smaller articles or reference links so that faithful readers like you can stay engaged and both interesting and fun content don’t go stale in draft purgatory. If I see a great article, rather then trying to rehash the details, I will link to the original source with a blurb and my quick thoughts. With this I hope that you will find Clean Cut Media to be a great resource to find quality content out there on the web. I will also start to post more videos of interesting media spots and videos in between articles that you will find interesting or engaging. Of course when I can, I will post more lengthy articles especially on subjects we feel is worth the attention. I am hoping this will give the site a little bit of reboot and will overall increase readership and engagement.

Writers, Guest Posts

We are also very open to guest posts as long as it is relevant to what this site is all about. For those interested in reaching out, details are on our “about us” page.

Thank You

Lastly, a huge thanks to all our readers. It is you that has brought this site from it’s humble beginnings to where it is now. It’s your honest comments and your shares in the social world that keeps us going. That and of course our desire to raise awareness the impact of media in our worldview.



Visit us on Facebook, Twitter

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How Brands Sell to Teens Online

Girl Teens on Internet


Teenagers and social media are inseparable. Kids will communicate with one another online, all while sitting on the same sofa.

The PBS Frontline documentary film, “Generation Like” (2014) points out that teenagers are often unknowingly taking part in marketing studies and become de facto marketing agents when they “Like” a Facebook page or otherwise share their preferences online. In effect, consumers have become unwitting members of the company sales force. Welcome to the new world of advertising.

Is Social Media Dangerous?

Sure, it’s fun and engaging. Everyone wants to be “liked.” But how much personal data are kids letting dangle in hyperspace? Are there identity protection issues that could have far-reaching effects on a young life? The Federal Trade Commission warns that information stolen from kids can be used to open bank accounts, get credit cards, get a licensed driver, and can cause real damage that can take plenty of headache and money to straighten out.

Content Teenagers Love

Whether you think targeted social media marketing is smart business or sales at its worst, here are four hot areas targeted for social media marketing:

Open Forum Networks: Marketers don’t have to chase after prospects anymore. They are eager to give an unbelievable amount of data for free. Oreo, for instance, posted a photo of a multi-colored cookie, with the caption “Pride,” on its Facebook page and drew massive response. Hundreds of thousands of people Liked the post. Can you imagine how much advertising traction a mailing list of people who support liberal issues could get and what it would be worth?

Video Sites: YouTube, the Google-owned hangout where anyone can post a video about virtually anything, is the second largest search engine on the planet, notes Social Media Today. It is also a place where teens love to congregate. That is why Kohl’s is launching an effort to reach teenage girls via YouTube. The department store planned avenues to reach the teens are the YouTube channels of Amanda Steele, whose teen issues videos get hundreds of thousands of views each, and Lisa Marie Johnson. Lisa’s Baby Food Challenge video boasts 1.3 million views. The plan: The girls will help promote a new line of clothing. S.o. R.a.d.

Memes: Pair a photo with a memorable saying. If it takes off, you’ve created a meme. “A First World Problem,” for instance, is an issue much of the world doesn’t have the luxury to experience. The Gift of Water video that pushed the meme mainstream has currently chalked up about 6.4 million views. The film begins with a poor African child saying, “I hate it when my phone charger won’t reach my bed.” Who could make money off a list of people who care about Third World issues? Go to QuickMeme.com’s First World Problem page, and you will likely be greeted by an advertising message targeting people with compassion. Dos Equis, by the way, parlayed its “Most Interesting Man in the World” meme into a quick sales increase of over 26 percent, reports Fast Company.

Photographs: Instagram and Pinterest are prime territory for marketers. Our fast-moving society prefers a picture and a few words. Marketers have found that those who have graduated from written posts to photos are typically more experienced and influential than other social media users. It’s a goldmine! Consequently, advertising dollars are moving in that direction. According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Report, 42 percent of marketers said they planned to increase their spend on Instagram.

Better be a Believer

Whether you are a worried parent, a concerned teen, or a take-it-to-the-bank marketer — it is important to admit something Fortune 500 sales trainer Debbie White points out to her clients constantly: Everything is ABOUT sales, and Everybody is IN sales.

That’s just the way it is in our online, connected world.

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How Technology Reduces Stress for Seniors

Internet Technology & Seniors

Computer technology has come a long way over the life of many seniors. To put this single lifetime of technological growth into perspective, Daily Crate reports that the computer that landed men on the moon had only about 5 one-millionths of a percent of the memory that the iPhone 5s possesses. Seniors living today have seen the creation of the Internet, the explosion of social media and the advent of smartphones. Although it can be daunting for some, there are many ways that modern technology can help improve the lives of senior citizens.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is an important part of anyone’s health. According to a United Healthcare survey of centenarians, remaining socially engaged was just as important as fitness for aging healthily. The survey also shows that 89 percent of centenarians (people over 100!) talk with a friend or family member almost every day. Software such as Skype and Facetime allows users to have face-to-face interactions regardless of the distance between the two chatting parties.

A study by The Phoenix Center even says that late-life depression affects approximately 6 million Americans over the age of 65, and costs the country about $100 billion annually. It also claims that regular online interactions can reduce senior depression by approximately 20 percent. One hypothesis is that Internet use reduces loneliness and depression by providing communication tools for the aging population as mobility limitations increase, and the Internet provides a means of communication. The study uses many different methods for testing the hypothesis including logit models, linear probability models, instrumental variables and propensity score methods. In each case, they found that the results favor that Internet use by the elderly reduces the chance of depression.

Another study conducted in 2003 in Technology and Disability found that as seniors learned to use the Internet, they had a greater amount of social contact and more satisfaction with that contact.

Social media also can be a great tool for seniors. Wishpond reports that seniors over the age of 74 are the fastest growing demographic across social networking sites. Additionally, there are 39 million people over the age of 65 that use Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Social media allows seniors to stay in touch with friends and family, meet new people with similar interests and play games that can help to maintain mental reflexes and acuity. Wishpond also notes that seniors don’t just have email accounts but also search on Google, browse Facebook and watch YouTube. While nothing can replace the value of face-to-face conversations, social media allows seniors to stay engaged with the world at large as well as view and share images with their loved ones easily.


There are many ways that technology aids in maintaining physical health and wellness in seniors. Many assisted living centers for seniors have found that motion controlled video games such as Wii Sports allow seniors to enjoy light physical activity every day. An article in The Atlantic even claims that “Wii Bowling has spawned entire leagues and tournaments, taking over nursery homes, retirement communities and community centers as one of the fastest-growing and most popular social activities.” The Michigan Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness, Health and Sports reports that regular aerobic exercise decreases body fat, improves bone density and contributes to a greater percentage of lean body tissues in seniors. Motion controlled video games provide a fun, social form of exercise that is safe and can lead to a better quality of life.

Devices and Apps

Smartphones, such as the popular Samsung Galaxy S 5 and the iPhone 5s, are also great for seniors. They allow seniors the opportunity to access health and wellness programs online such as AARP programs, health tracking and medication management as well as their social media accounts and favorite games. These phones also come with great apps, such as RxmindMe, which helps track medications and supplements as well as offering reminders and schedules for those who find it challenging to track their medications.

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Woman Empowerment Advertising: Authentic or Trendy?

Woman Empowerment Advertising

Women empowerment advertisements

  • Have you seen a woman empowerment advertisement yet?
  • Did it make you feel good?
  • Did you remember who made those videos?

Ever since Dove’s Real Beauty campaign reeled in great viral success, numerous powerhouse feminine care companies have started to focus their advertising on boosting the confidence of their consumers.

Rather than focusing on their products, ads have increasingly focused on a feel-good message in the hopes of lifting their brand image. It’s been a delicate balance of communicating their desire to preach true beauty and power, while still wanting to promote their beauty products. Some have found success, others have been accused of not being authentic.

I think some of these ads carry very good messages. Others are just trying too hard to jump on the bandwagon. Other’s take the message just to far.

  • What are your thoughts on following videos?
  • Hit the mark? or trying too hard to capitalize on the newest trend?

Labels Against Women | #ShineStrong Pantene

Focused on how men and women are labelled differently even while doing the exact same thing.

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

I honestly do not like this video. Yes, people should not feel sorry out of being belittled or feeling inadequate or simply because of one’s gender, but the message comes on too strong and a little over the top. The first two examples seem ok, but then soon it seems like it is saying you should never be sorry for anything even for inconveniencing others. Yes, be strong and confident, but I feel one should never lose their sense of humility and sensitivity towards others.

Inspire Her Mind | Verizon Commercial

Very cool video. Though not all the things the “mom” says in this video are bad. I believe there are gender specific ways one should treat a boy or a girl. However I do like the overall message of being careful not to suppress some passion or love (even in ways you didn’t realize) such as science or math simply because your child is a girl. Great video.

Dove “Patches”

This video has been criticize quite a bit as people felt that it makes woman look gullible and it can easily be guessed that they could handpick the best responses. What do you think? Regardless, it has garnered nearly 21 million views.

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