Cool Google vs. Opera Speed Test Videos

Google Chrome Speed Video Paint

Google Chrome Speed Test Videos in Slow Motion

Couple weeks ago, Google came out with a video that demonstrates the speed of it’s latest Chrome web browser. Why is it posted here on Clean Cut Media? Because we like to highlight videos that are well-made or are just simply clever. It needs to be Clean Cut of course. 🙂

In case anyone is interested. Google Chrome uses a JavaScript engines called V8 that is extremely fast. This new beta is reported to be about 35% faster than the previous. The previous in my experience is easily the faster browser out there, followed by Safari, then Firefox. I don’t even bother with Internet Explorer – it’s unbelievably slow.

Google Chrome – Speed Test Video

Opera’s Spoof

Always smart to let a competitor spend a lot of money on promotion, then piggyback off of it by making fun of it or challenging it.

Also I always tell people how hilarious it would be to suddenly slap someone with a fish. Yes!

Making Of Google Speed Test

For you film geeks. Fun stuff.

  • 2700 frames per second
  • Pyrotechnics Expert
  • Ballistics Expert

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