Creativity: Nokia N96 – Bruce Lee Ping Pong Nun Chuck Commercial

Nokia’s Recent Bruce Lee Ping Pong Viral Commercial has been making the internet rounds. I would have to assume this is a TV Commercial being shown in China? It’s one of the top viral videos online and it is not surprising. Take a look as “Bruce Lee” as he plays Ping Pong with a pair of nun chucks. Throughout the video you have no clue what the commercial is for, but it ends with a note referring to the phone. How effective is it? I am not certain at this point, but cleaver enough to draw enough eyeballs and have it shared throughout the net.

Two videos are posted. See Below!

In this second video, he performs more miraculous feats with his nun chucks. As someone throws matches in the air, he hits them with the end of his nun chucks that has been taped with a rough edge. Every time he hits a match, it flickers in the air. Impressive? Fake? Who cares.

What do you think? Do you think a commercial like this is effective or do you think it draws a lot of eyeballs but the lack of product reference makes it ineffective? Post your thoughts!

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