Clean Cut Media: November Media Recap

Another Month in Clean Cut Media. Another record in terms of traffic. As always I want everyone to share in this communities growth! I appreciate all the old contributing members as well as the new. Please keep returning here, posting comments and promoting discussion. Even the smallest of comments are greatly appreciated.

Record Month
November just like October was a record month in terms of pageviews at about 1750 pageviews. That is about an 80% growth from October and 150% more then September. “Influence of TV SNL Satire on Political Identity – Sarah Palin 2008″ continues to draw the most traffic while new November Posts “Movie Review: High School Musical 3 – The Message”, “Creativity: Toshiba Timesculpture Advertisement Video”, and “Movie Review: Twilight, Love Conquers All?” rose up the charts following not too far behind.

The hope is that old posts continue to attract visitors while new posts dominate the new traffic. So far so good.

Searching for Clean Cut Media in Nov
As someone who works in the online marketing fields, these numbers are fun to follow. Hope you find it interesting too. How do people find Clean Cut Media anyway?

Searches: 65%
Referrering Websites: 20%
Direct (typing the URL): 15%

81% of visitors were brand new visitors! Awesome.

Example Top Searches
“media influence”
“media influence statistics”
“influence of media on culture”
“media influence on children”
“influence of the media on children”
“media vs movie influence”
“why is the media influence so powerful”
“online video teen culture media”
“don’t vote campaign”

It is my hope to continue to draw people who type in such important topics.

November Media Post Recap
Nov 1: Clean Cut Media: October Recap – Watch us Grow
Nov 4: 5.3 Billion Spend on Federal Political Candidiates
Nov 7: Movie Review: High School Musical 3 – The Message
** Most Pageviews
Nov 11: Powerful Impact of Media on Children
Nov 17: Creativity: Toshiba Timesculpture Advertisement Video
Nov 21: Black Hole Short Film – Underestimating the Subtle Power of Desire
Nov 23: Teen Kills Self on with 185 Witnesses
Nov 29: Movie Review: Twilight, Love Conquers All?

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