What are RSS Feeds? How do I get New Post Updates?

Some of you may have noticed the “get feeds here” or “subscribe to RSS” link along the right nav bar of this blog site. Also there is a RSS tab on the top left of this blog and a giant orange RSS icon right beneath the title of the site. All these links go to one page- the RSS Feeds page.

I’ve come to realize a lot of people are not familiar with what these feeds are or how they work. In fact a study shows that only 3% of adults use RSS readers. I’ve provided a video below that does a pretty good job showing what RSS feeds are and how to set it up. It’s also pretty creative and well paced. I personally use Google Reader. More interesting information is available if you just click into the link!
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RSS feeds are basically a way for you to aggregate all the news and blog posts you want into one reader. Rather than going to a bunch of websites and blogs to see if there are any new updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of websites and blogs you like and every time there is an update it will be sent to your reader. In the reader you’ll have a list of all your subscriptions and all the new posts available. You can also share the articles with your friends & rate the articles all in the easy UI.

I also set up an email subscription which you can access by clicking on the “Subscribe via Email” link on the right or click right here! Email feeds will simply send the articles directly to your inbox.

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