15 Beautiful HDR Photography Art

What is HDR Photography?

By Paul Lee

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The purpose is to extend the dynamic range of digital imaging technologies. What does that mean? It means the range of color and what is visible to the normal eye is shown and mixed together using a variety of exposure shots. As a result you get beautiful pictures with very fine detail top to bottom, normally unseen through normal photography techniques.

We will post an explanation and tutorial on HDR photography on a later post! For now enjoy these 15 Beautiful HDR photos. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Beautiful, Stunning HDR Photography & Images

HDR Photography Images: Town Garden Shop
The beauty of HDR photography is the ability to reveal the fine details of a photo. This shot is a wonderful example as you can see the fine cracks in walkway and the worn wood walls of the doorway. Also notice the fine details in the plants and the clouds. Overall an amazing picture.

HDR Photography Images Town Garden Shop

HDR Photography Images: Festival at Viña del Mar
Another amazing HDR Photo. I love the details found in the details of old buildings. I also love the way HDR captures the intricacies of different cloud formations.

HDR Photography - Festival at Vina del Mar

HDR Photography Images: Ominous Barn
Another awesome HDR photo. Love the details in the clouds and in the high grass.
HDR Photography Images - Barn Field

HDR Photography Images: Cathedral Windows
HDR Photography seems magical because the utilization of multiple exposures allows the details to shine out from the shadows. Notice all the small details on the walls in the shadows of this room. It also allows details to be crisp where normally it would be too bright such as the intricate windows. All is seen in one HDR photograph. Wonderful.

HDR Photography Images - Cathedral Windows

HDR Photography Images: City Town Landscape
Another beautiful HDR photograph. Love the colors and the sunset.
HDR Photography Images : City Sunset

HDR Photography Images: Old Bike on Pier
I love HDR pictures with antique objects. Beautiful colors, detailed wood pier and the rusty old bike.
HDR Photography Images - Old Bike on Pier

HDR Photography Images: Old Boat on Beach
Check out the details of the sand and clouds on this fantastic HDR picture. Very surreal.
HDR Photography Images - Old Boat on Beach

HDR Photography Images: Death Desert Landscape
Another detailed HDR Photo. Check out the detailed dry grass on the plains, the shapes of the cloud, the close up details of the skull and wagon wheel. Notice the rainbow! Awesome.
HDR Photography Images: Death Desert Landscape

HDR Photography Images: Classic Car Closeup
I love the vivid colors of this HDR photograph. The bright green of the grass and shrubbery next to the car. The contrasting blues and whites of the skies. The gradient fade on the old classic car.
HDR Photography Images - Classic Car Closeup

HDR Photography Images: Old House
HDR photography really shines when there is a lot of details to notice. This run down old house is a perfect example, there is so much intricate detail here that suddenly this old house is turned into a work of art. Beautiful!
HDR Photography Images - Old House

HDR Photography Images – Green Tree Field
Another stunning HDR Photograph. Look at the details of grass. The colors are just simply amazing. Makes me want to run through it!
HDR Photography Images - Green Tree Field

HDR Photography – Thompson Falls New Hampshire
I love photos with moving water and vivid colors. I love it even more when HDR techniques allows the small details in the trees and in the rocks jump out. Amazing.
HDR Photography - Thompson Falls New Hampshire

HDR Photography Images – Beach Shore
A seemingly normal beach photo, but wait, notice the details of the sand and the waves. HDR at work!
HDR Photography Images - Beach Shore

HDR Photography Images – Lighthouse
Another beautiful HDR photograph. Look at the details in the rocks beneath the lighthouse. You can’t capture that with the amount of light coming from the left without utilizing some exposure techniques. Thus is HDR.
HDR Photography Images - Lighthouse

HDR Photography Images – Water House
Stunning HDR Photograph. Love the dark, mysteriousness of the mood. The fog, tall trees, and the empty little room. Wonderful.
HDR Photography Images - Water House Forest

Let us know what you think about HDR Photography

Hope you enjoyed these. I have a whole collection of these and hope to post these up periodically in the future. I will also eventually post a tutorial on how to do HDR photographs.

  • Let us know what you think about HDR photography!
  • Which one was your favorite?
  • Were you aware that such techniques existed?

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  1. WOW. is it possible that this technique could ever be adapted for video purposes as well??

    1. Isaiah –
      Good Question. I would imagine it could be…
      Just a matter of shooting in multiple brightness settings and properly mixing the shots together to show the details in both the dark and light areas..

      very intriguing question. let me know if you end up applying any techniques 🙂

      – Media Influence

  2. Beautiful! Some of these pictures look absolutely surreal. I especially love the nature shots.

  3. All the photos were exceptional. But if I have to, my three favorites were (not in order): Festival at Vina,
    the Classic Car, and Thompson Falls. Now I want to learn more and apply HDR whenever possible.

  4. Ok so this is about the coolest thing i’ve ever seen dude…

    I NEED to learn how to do this ASPA…

    Teach me NOW….. PLEASE…..NOWWWWW

  5. Amazing, amazing photo’s. Have seen similar photos but nothing as detailed and surreal all at the same time. Ver, very keen to learn more on HDR. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful images.

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