Creativity: Electrabel – Happy New Year – Candle Light

Electrabel Happy New Year TV Spot 


Electrabel Happy New Year TV Spot

Can you believe the picture above is made with small tiny tea candles? Amazing.

A company called Electrabel, a Belgium based energy company created this TV spot to wish a Happy New Year to their customers. The light show effects are done using small tea candles transforming an underground car park the attic area of one of the production company’s (CZAR) office locations, into a night sky full of cityscapes, fireworks, stars and other beautiful images.

This video was done in Famous, Brussels by creative director Christophe Ghewy, art director Nicholas France, agency producer Lander Engels, copywriter Oliver Roland and shot by Director Raf Wathion with producer Fred Vranchken and executive producer Ruben Goots.

The video utilizes 288,000 Candles and 1,600 Photos.
See the Videos below!

The Making Of Electrabel Happy New Year Candle Light Show Video

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  1. Wow! This video is amazing! I can’t believe it’s all indoors! Especially the city scape was really impressive. Thanks for posting this awesome ad.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments!

      This Electrabel Candle Light Show is indeed quite amazing. Must have taken incredible amount of work and planning.

      media influence

  2. I was an animator on this project (the one complaining how though and warm it was ;))

    the longest shot to record was the snow falling on the city, it lasted 7 hours to shoot, and with that amount of burning candles, no breaks where given 😉

    I actually post here to set up a litte correction, it wasn’t shot in a car park, but in some kind of attic of one of the production company’s (CZAR) office location

    1. Hey Tom,

      I can only imagine how difficult it would be to deal with so many candles!

      Thanks for the extra bit of information as well as the correction.

      – media influence

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