Cool Google vs. Opera Speed Test Videos

Google Chrome Speed Video Paint

Google Chrome Speed Test Videos in Slow Motion

Couple weeks ago, Google came out with a video that demonstrates the speed of it’s latest Chrome web browser. Why is it posted here on Clean Cut Media? Because we like to highlight videos that are well-made or are just simply clever. It needs to be Clean Cut of course. 🙂

In case anyone is interested. Google Chrome uses a JavaScript engines called V8 that is extremely fast. This new beta is reported to be about 35% faster than the previous. The previous in my experience is easily the faster browser out there, followed by Safari, then Firefox. I don’t even bother with Internet Explorer – it’s unbelievably slow.

Google Chrome – Speed Test Video

Opera’s Spoof

Always smart to let a competitor spend a lot of money on promotion, then piggyback off of it by making fun of it or challenging it.

Also I always tell people how hilarious it would be to suddenly slap someone with a fish. Yes!

Making Of Google Speed Test

For you film geeks. Fun stuff.

  • 2700 frames per second
  • Pyrotechnics Expert
  • Ballistics Expert

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Youtube Statistics – 2 Billion Views Per Day [Infographic]

Youtube Views Per Day Statistics

YouTube has surpassed 2 billion views per day. Check out this cool little YouTube infographic that summarizes some of the astounding numbers.

YouTube Highlights

YouTube History:
February 2005 – Founders register YouTube domain name.
April 23, 2005 – First video uploaded
May 2005 – Beta Launch of YouTube
June 2005 – YouTube embeds enabled
December 2005 – Official Launch – 8 million videos watched a day
July 2006 100 million video views per day
October 2006 – Google acquisition of YouTube – $1.65 billion
June 2007 – YouTube mobile site launched
December 2008 – 720p HD launched
May 2009 – 20 hours of video uploaded every minute
October 2009 1 Billion views per day
November 2009 – 1080p full-HD launched
May 2010 YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day

Other Interesting YouTube Facts & Statistics

19 seconds – The length of first video uploaded
1.96 million – Number of times the first video has been played
185.39 million – the number of times the most popular video on YouTube, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” has been played

2 billion views = double the prime-time audience of all 3 major US Broadcast networks combined
24 hours of video uploaded every minute
Average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube
More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years.

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YouTube Infographic

  • Share with us your thoughts on the astounding stats in the comments section!

Share your thoughts on the YouTube Statistics!

  • What statistics is the most surprising or the most astounding?
  • How many videos do you think you watch per week?
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The Short Film List – Distraxion, Signs, Black Holes & Kiwis

Short Film - Distraxion, The Black Hole, Kiwi

Short Videos & Short Films

All the recent posts have been about heavy topics, so here is a breather both for the artists out there as well as the casual video viewer. I’ve put together links to a few well made (and of course Clean Cut) short videos & short films. I’ve only included ones you may have not seen. So no pixar shorts!

Short videos are very difficult to create because the producer needs to sum up a quick story within a very short time frame usually around 1:30-2 minutes. Short films can range anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. To develop a story, create the right mood and have character development in such a short period takes much planning and creativity. Below are some of the excellent short films & videos I’ve ran across in the past.

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Late Night Internet Statistics: Online Videos, Games & Chat

Internet Usage Peaks at 11PM EST for US Web Users

Internet Use Traffic Online Europe vs US

Arbor Networks recently released a large scale study on internet usage utilizing the data from 110 geographically diverse Internet service providers and tens of millions of subscribers. One of the more fascinating points of this study is when internet usage peaks for US internet users.

There was once a point where Internet usage peaked at 8AM in the morning when most US visitors get into work. However this new study showed that Internet usage now peaks at 11PM Eastern time and stays high until 3AM in the morning. This is unique to the United States as Europe was found to peak around 7PM then drop sharply for the rest of the night. Other than a slight dip during dinner hours, US users continue to use the Internet at a high rate during the late hours of the day.

Arbor Internet Use Traffic Online US Graph

North American Website Usage

This graph on the right displays the traffic cycle of North American internet users. The blue line marks internet usage through the day showing the most usage in the late afternoon, a slight drip during dinner and a significant spike at 11PM in the evening. The yellow segment is cable / dsl traffic which signifies consumer usage and attempts to exclude business traffic. The graph clearly shows that consumers play a huge role in the late night peak.

What are They Doing Online so Late!

Arbor Internet Use Traffic Online Graph

  • Online Gaming – Grows 60% after 2PM. Spikes between 8PM-11PM.
  • Team Gaming – The social nature of gaming contributes to the sudden spikes and drops as seen in the World of Worldcraft usage. A team or a “guild” of players will schedule a time to play together thus causing massive spikes and drops in the usage data.
  • Online Video Watching – Peaks at Midnight.
  • Instant Messaging – IM usage is constant throughout the day while reaching 80% of peak at 10AM and maintaining that rate until midnight.

The study showed that the rise in usage was not necessarily due to higher number of users surfing the web. In fact Arbor’s analysis suggested that web surfing was constant throughout the day. The data revealed that video watching and online gaming contributed greatly to the late night peak. Though instant messaging and video watching is done throughout the day, video watching starts to rise in the evenings while online gaming jumps as soon as work is over. It skyrockets right after dinner time, peaks around 11PM and carries for the next few hours. We do have to consider the three hour difference between the east and west coasts to account for usage from 12PM to 3AM.

When do you use the internet the most? [Non-Business Use]

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  • When do you find yourself using the Internet the most?
  • What do you think is contributing to the late night spike?
  • Do you find these trends surprising or not surprising?

Please comment below!

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United Breaks Guitars Song Part 2 – Dave Carroll

Since we highlighted the Part I of this video series called “United Breaks Guitars” by Dave Carroll, we felt it necessary to highlight the next part of the series.

United Breaks Guitars Part 2 by Dave Carroll

For those of you may not know of “United Breaks Guitars”, an aspiring musician named Dave Carroll wrote and produced a music video after his Taylor 714 CE (A $3000+ guitar) was broken by United Airline’s Baggage crew and United refused to replace his instrument.

This video immediately went viral, now with over 5 million views. It was a hit because many were able to identify with his travel woes.

As Dave Carroll promised this to be a three part song series, everyone has been waiting in anticipation for his second song. See it below.

Did you know you can carry guitars onto planes?

United Breaks Guitars - Dave Carroll Part 2The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) technically allows you to carry one musical instrument in addition to one carry-on and one personal item through the screening checkpoint. This is a TSA Screening Policy. Although it is at the airlines discretion whether to allow additional carry-on items on their aircraft. The Security officers will x-ray or physically screen your instrument.

However it is recommended you call the airline ahead of time as a precaution. Also be sure to check the size of your instrument and verify with the airline whether it is within the limits to be considered a carry-on. It is also wise to print out the airline’s policies in case the baggage handlers and security officers are not familiar with the airline policy with instruments.

  • Tell us about your experience with traveling with an instrument.
  • Have you tried to carry it on?
  • What do you think of Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars Second Song?

United Breaks Guitars Part I by Dave Carroll

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United Breaks Guitars Video by Dave Carroll

United Breaks Guitars Video – Dave Carroll

If you have not already heard, a young musician named Dave Carroll wrote and produced a music video called “United Breaks Guitars” after his Taylor 714 CE ($3000+ guitar), was broken by the United Airlines Baggage crew and United refused to pay or replace his instrument. Dave Carroll had saved money to purchase this guitar for three years with the hope that once he graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa he could pursue his pro music aspirations.

United Breaks Guitars Video Goes Viral!

His video immediately went viral as millions of viewers shared and viewed his music video. He has become a citizen hero to all travelers. When Dave Carroll called in, he kept being transferred to different people unable to get his issue addressed. Then finally when he did reach someone who could have helped, United refused to pay for the instrument. This is despite the fact that another witness on the plane clearly saw the baggage crew literally tossing the guitar and is quoted as saying “My God, they’re throwing guitars around out there!”

Carroll had heard that remark but didn’t connect the dots as he was tired from already traveling for 12 hours. He had carefully protected his guitar in placing his hardshell guitar case into a foam bag. The next day when he opened the guitar case he found it caved in. “I put my hand around the back of the guitar, around the tail pin, and felt that it had just caved in. I probably swore… and what do you say when your guitar caves in like that? There was a silence, and I just put it back in the case.”

He called United but kept getting routed to different employees. He took it to a guitar shop hoping to get it fixed. It cost him $1,200 to fix the guitar but for those who know guitars, the guitar clearly was never the same again.

With the video going viral (currently at 4.1 million YouTube views), United did finally relent and offered to pay for the guitar. They issued this statement: “While we mutually agree that this should have been fixed much sooner, [Dave Carroll’s] excellent video provides us with a unique learning opportunity that we would like to use for training purposes to ensure all customers receive better service from us.”

United Breaks Guitars Video by Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll’s Intentions with United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll has said that when the incident occurred he was angry, but the song he created wasn’t meant for revenge, but is a “light-hearted song, and the idea is to find humor in a situation that is to tragic and happens too often”. Dave Carroll did not accept the offer from United, neither from Taylor which kindly offered to provide him a brand new instrument. He has benefited personally from the attention as he was able to sell a few hundred CDs. His mom helps pack the discs into envelopes to ship them out at home. He has also been offered to do gigs in different locations.

Dave Carroll has said that United should find “someone who is a musician, and might not have the money to fly for medical reasons, and just give them the money to give them a lift — no pun intended. I thought that would be a fantastic idea”.

United ended up choosing to give $3000 to the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz, an educational organization which among its board of trustees is the United managing director Sonya Jackson. Well, at least they gave it to someone.

Future United Breaks Guitar Videos

As the “United Breaks Guitar” was originally announced as a 3 part series everyone is waiting in anticipation for part two and three. With the extra publicity, there has been more volunteers to help him shoot the videos. Here at Clean Cut Media, we’ll post the other two once they go public.

United Breaks Guitars – Statement from Dave Carroll

Influence of Social Media & the Shifting of Influence

A story like this is not uncommon. There are numerous stories where a consumer who was upset, utilized the web to let the world know how they were treated. When these stories pick up enough steam the accused company has to step in for public relation reasons. This puts a lot of pressure on companies to keep their consumers happy and treat them well. However it also puts a lot of influence and power on the shoulders of the consumer, forcing companies to allocate resources just to make sure an incident like this does not happen. It is a fascinating dynamic that has spawned from the social networking power of the web. With the ability to share one’s story with millions both in the medium of postings or in this case, a well made video, it makes it very easy for a consumer to heavily damage the reputation of a company. It is easy to side with the consumer since the consumer is indeed the little guy, but let’s also remember that many are unlike the kind-hearted Dave Carroll. Out of anger or a personal vendetta, a single consumer can embellish stories and fabricate rumors that even if they are discovered to be unfounded could put a heavy dent into a companies reputation or image resulting in drops in sales and ultimately loss of jobs. The power of the internet as a medium of communication is powerful, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately when anyone can access that power (especially those motivated by anger), the outcome becomes unpredictable.

  • What are your thoughts on the video?
  • Has the internet been a huge win for consumers as a single person can make a huge impact on the dealings of a large corporation? Or is it too damaging for companies for the consumer to have so much influence?
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Dick Hoyt and Rick Hoyt: Team Hoyt Video

This inspirational video is about Dick Hoyt and his Son Rick Hoyt. They are a father-and-son team, from Massachusetts who together competes in a long list of marathons and triathlons. The only thing is Rick Hoyt has cerebral palsy, caused by the loss of oxygen to his brain at birth as his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

The Rick Hoyt Story

The Hoyts were told they should institutionalize the baby as he would only be a “vegetable” all his life. Rick’s mother, Judy Hoyt said, “There is no way we will ever put our son away. We love him. He is ours. We will work with him and bring him to the place where he can reach his greatest potential. We will never, never put him away simply because he is different”

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Love Story Meets Viva La Vida by Jon Schimdt – Beautiful Music

For those new to Clean Cut Media, here we like to post not only the latest news and commentary on media influence and social issues, but also post wonderful pieces of art and media that are clean and well done. Occasionally we also post videos that went viral so we could be a source in which to keep up with the latest viral video.

See this beautiful piece of music below. If you appreciate music, it will knock your socks off. Such a beautiful things to hear.

Love Story (Taylor Swift) Meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

Piano: Jon Schimdt
Cellist: Steven Nelson (cellist)

This arrangement was created by Jon Schimdt’s for his daughter. His daughter loved the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift especially a particular transition in the song. Jon Schimdt thought it would transition really well with Viva La Vida by Coldplay so he created this arrangement.

Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance

From the album “The Opposite Side of the Sea”, released in March 2009. This song is titled “Her Morning Elegance”. This video is a very artistic use of stop motion utilizing a bed as the frame and bed items as the everyday object. Just play the video below and see what I mean.

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Viral Videos: Beatbox Battle World Championships – Julia & Daichi

Time for another round of Viral Videos. Keeping tabs on what is the new “it” video everyone has seen.

Beatbox Battle World Championships Wild Card Entries

Who’s the greatest beatboxer in the world? Each year there is an annual competition called the Beatbox Battle World Championships. This year it is held in Berlin, Germany on May 28th. Beatbox Contestants all over the world come together to lay down some human generated beats.

Several videos of wild card candidates have been going viral across the web. The wild card winner was Julia Dales, a 17 year old from Canada. Her video entry is shown below. HOWEVER, my vote goes for a guy who didn’t even crack the top 5 but has gained considerable support from the youtube and internet community. His name is Daichi a 18 year old from Japan. Check out his beats below. Just ridiculous.

World Championship Beat boxing Wild Card Results
1st Place: Julia Dales
2nd Place: Primitiv
3rd Place: D-9
4th Place: Lytos
5th Place: The Beatbox Hitman

Daichi – 17 year old Japanese on TV Show – Amazing Beatboxing Skills

Daichi gets my vote for the best wild card entry. As someone who grew up on hip hop and have a personal interest in beat boxing, I found his beat boxing crisp, clear and versatile. Also he ends with what seems to be a signature sound. It was cleaner than Julia and you have to love his sounds and scratches.

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No, Mr. President: John Piper’s Response to President Obama on Abortion

John Piper gave a message called “The Baby in My Womb Leaped for Joy” January 25, 2009. In this message he speaks highly of Obama, but disagrees sharply in regards to the issue of abortion. In a section of his message he speaks about the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. President Barack Obama released the statement:

We are reminded that this decision not only protects women’s health and reproductive freedom but stands for a broader principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters.
– Barack Obama

John Piper gives his response to this quote. His response was taken and made into a typography video. It is a very well made video. This video has gone viral this past week with over 60,000 views in the last few days.

No, Mr. President: John Piper’s Response to President Obama on Abortion

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Can you Undo your Past? Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Gracepoint Fellowship Church – GLive Opening Video

Gracepoint Berkeley Church, a Christian Church located near UC Berkeley, recently had a large scale performance called Gracepoint Live or “GLive”. This production occurs every 2 or 3 years where 100s of college students who are part of one of their affiliated Christian campus groups perform several skits and musicals tackling life questions. About 1900 were in attendance this past weekend.

This year their theme was “UNDO: Can you delete the past?” discussing the regrets we have or will have about life. Below is their opening video.

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Obama Pro-life Abortion Video?

The images of a baby fetus.
The heart beats, the baby moves.

“This child’s future is a broken home.”
“He will be abandoned by his father.”
“His single mother will struggle to raise him”

The baby continues to grow…

A pro-choice video, we assume..

Then in a twist of fate,

“This child, despite the hardships he will endure, will become the first African-American President.”

Images of Barack Obama triumphant on election night.

“Life. Imagine the potential.”

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