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So Who is OK Go?

Ok Go is a band formed back in 1998 that became famous through YouTube due to their incredibly creative music videos. In an era where music videos require lot of pizzazz and special effects, this four man band composed of Damian Kulash, Andy Ross, Time Nordwind and Dan Konopka took the online world by storm with their hilarious, low budget videos.

Why is OK Go’s video highlighted on Clean Cut Media?

Simply, because they are creative! We at Clean Cut Media, love.. wait for it.. Clean Cut Media. Rather than just critiquing all that is wrong in media, we also want to give credit to those who are able to produce clean yet creative spots. Any good examples of good advertising or good video should be recognized as a testament that not everything needs to be conform to inappropriate techniques we find in our culture.

OK Go’s New Video – End Love

Here is the latest OK Go Video. When you have time I recommend checking out all their videos. Each is uniquely creative. They’ve built their own hype and the need to be uniquely creative in each successive video – and they’ve done a good job of it! It’s refreshing to see creativity win rather than simply doing more of what everyone else does. Enjoy.

Download the OK GO MP3

Downlaod the OK GO Music Video Here

OK Go’s – “A Million Ways”

OK Go rose to fame in 2005 with their single “A Million Ways”. This video was shot in a normal backyard as the band performed a simple yet hilarious dance. It was choreographed by Kulash’s sister, Trish Sie.

OK Go’s – “Here It Goes Again”

In 2006, the band released “Here It Goes Again” which featured a unique dance on treadmills. Again their creative video went instantly viral with over one million views within the first six days. It currently has over 51 million views! Ok Go and Trish Sie won a Grammy award for the “Best Short-Form Music Video” for this hit.

OK Go cut ties with EMI & Capitol

OK Go soon cut ties with their recording label. It has been speculated that OK Go was upset that the label would not allow them to use viral means to spread their music video. They formed their own independent label called Paracadute Recordings.

OK Go – This too Shall Pass

Watch this awesome domino like video. Very, very creative. Reminds me of Honda’s old commercial. It is hard to explain, just watch it, you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. I love all of their videos and their music is the best. Definitely my favorite band!

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