News: Delete Facebook Page Original Admin

Delete the Original Admin on your Facebook Page

Quick News for those in work in the social media world.

For over a year, Facebook Pages have been used by businesses and organizations to connect and communicate with their users. However one grave oversight was that whoever created the Facebook Page would be locked in as an admin for life.

This means if someone got fired, or left the company, the company Facebook Page would still be linked to their profile. You could add more admins, but the original administrator had the most “power” as the longest standing admin.

For over a year Facebook users were asking that this be updated through the Facebook forums but has been ignored thus far. However Facebook has finally added the ability to remove the original Facebook Page admin. Small change, but big news.

Remove Facebook Page AdminHow do I Delete the Original Admin?

  1. First make sure there is a 2nd administrator!
  2. Go to your Facebook Page
  3. Hit “EDIT PAGE” found on the top left sidebar beneath your logo.
  4. Scroll Down and look at the bottom right. You’ll see a list of administrators. Just hit “Remove Admin” as seen in the image on the right.

That’s it! Hope that was helpful!
Let us know your thoughts about this recent change in the comment section below.

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  1. So if you add a second admin for say Social Media management… they can remove the owner and hijack the page? This process seems too easy. I think the owner should maintain rights above other admins they add.

  2. Well is there any option that you do the vice versa of this…Like if you’re the creator you cannot be deleted? I have several administrators..I don’t like them to access that option..And is there any option also that the creator of the page is the only one who can delete the page…For everybody in my administrator can delete the page if decide to…You never know if they become mean because you fire them and just decided to delete the whole page you created…There should be an option to both of this..Both option should be available..Both option can be harmful depending on the situation…So it would be nice if both option is available..Thank you and more power to Facebook!! 

    1. Hey Kelly,

      I am not aware of any function at the moment that allows the original admin to have sole power over the page and deleting other admins. You are right in that, it could potentially be a dangerous situation. Please do let me know if you find out any solution to this.

      Meanwhile I would suggest that if for some reason you wish to fire or relinquish admin access, to remove access before having the discussion so there is no opportunity to do any harm.

      If Facebook is listening – they should definitely provide some more options for this.

  3. I agree with Dan…It’s actually both harmful…Now If you have both option that would be nice…Then if someone decide to transfer the rights to the new Administrator then..It would be easy for you do it willingly…But for some administrator you just added shouldn’t have the right to delete your page and delete you…That’s bad option for them to do..What I’m saying is …If there’s an options you can “willingly” transfer it to the New Administrator it’s easy…But if you are the creator of the page and some Administrator just decide to delete you and your page…That’s more dangerous and harmful..

  4. I am the creator and i added 4 admins
    one of them deleted me
    what to do
    i want my page back ?!!!

    1. Hesham
      I am the creator and i added 4 admins
      one of them deleted me
      what to do
      i want my page back ?!!!

      I am the creator and i added 4 admins
      one of them deleted me
      what to do
      i want my page back ?!!!

  5. Maybe somebody here can help me…

    My band created a facebook page to promote ourselves – – but recently we all lost administrative access to it. Band members were the only administrators, and none of us changed any access privileges. This is quite unfortunate, since we have over 1,000 fans of the page and would strongly prefer to not have to start over.

    Has anybody else had this happen? What can we do about it? It is completely unacceptable.

  6. I am in the same unfortunate position as Tyler!

    It’s hard to believe that there is no way for me as owner of the lost site to regain administrative rights without contacting facebook, which is a one way communication, mostly!

    Any ideas on this matter please! This is a pity! and yes Tyler it is totally unacceptable!

  7. I have a problem I hope someone can help with too. I removed myself as the admin and now there are no admins for the page and thus I cant edit it. I thought I understood you cant remove yourself as the admin without someone else in but I did. I think it may be because of a corruption that happened a week or 2 ago when Bing got implemented into the information box. Any thoughts?? Please help…

    Thank you for this!!!

  8. We are having a problem with our business page. Our creator has left the company for another job and removed herself as an admin. She gave us the password to the page, but when we log on, the page doesn’t show up. She made me an administrator, but I can only access the page through my personal profile. The owner of our company would like to have access to make posts, but does not have a facebook page himself and does not want one. Can anyone help me figure out why we can’t access our page with the right passwords?

  9. I Lost Admin Rights To One Of My Pages
    How do I get my administrative rights back of fb page?

  10. Will this change the page itself if the original profile gets deleted as an admin? I tested this and it erased all of the “fans” from the page. I want to delete the original admin from my page but don’t want to risk ruining my page. Does anyone know if the page will lose anything by deleting the original admin and the profile for that admin?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


  11. I Lost Admin Rights To all My Pages
    How do I get my administrative rights back of fb page?

    Please help me in this case

  12. i was accidentally remove all admin in my to retrieve it.?pls help me

  13. Has anyone resolved the issue with regaining control of your page. Our clients former employee is the admin of their page and has no control. How do we fix this?

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