Best April Fools Day Jokes Online

Best April Fools Day Jokes Online

It’s that time of the year again. April Fools Day. More and more, you can’t believe a single thing you read on the web. I love it. Last year we summarized the Best April Fools Jokes in History. The year before we actually posted a fake april fools post. This year we’ll just be adding a few more recent online april fool jokes of note. We only included the latest. See last year’s post to see a fuller list. Enjoy!

Starbucks Plenta and Micra Sizes

“Whether customers are looking for a large or small size, the Plenta and the Micra satisfy all U.S. and Canada customers’ needs for more and less coffee,” said Hugh Mungis, Starbucks VP of Volume. “Our size selection is now plentiful.”

Starbucks last year announced that in response to consumer requests for more sizes, that they would add two additional sizes. The Micra at 2 ounces and the Plenta at 128 ounces. The Plenta looks pretty much like a KFC Bucket. Awesome. This came after the announcement of the new size Trenta at 32 ounces which help give a bit of legitimacy. Check out the hilarious sizes below. April Fools!

Starbucks Plenta Micra April Fools Sizes
Give me my KFC Bucket Latte

Google Chrome – Browse the Web with Sound

Google Chrome Sounds Extension
Now You can Experience the Sounds of the Web

Surfing the web when bored? Bored of surfing the web? Google Chrome last year differentiated itself by offering the latest plugin to add SOUNDS to your web browsing experience. It provides audio feedback depending on what you do and what you browse. April Fools!

The hilarious part is that the sounds are ridiculous and often really annoying. You can still find it here: Google Chrome Sounds – Try it out, let us know in comments what you think!

Google Translate for Animals

You think Google Translate is awesome? Did you know Google had come up with Google Translate for Animals?

This application recognizes and transcribes the voices of animals for most common species. Best part is all the fun videos. Below is an intro, and one of the fun additional videos. Enjoy. The actor in the second one is hilarious. April Fools!

Videonuze – In Unprecedented Deal, Google and Apple Team Up to Privatize the FCC

Videonuze came out with a hilarious post that Google and Apple has bought out the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The FCC is the government agency that usually governs the media & broadband business sectors. It also helps controls the rules and regulation of business transactions. Here is an excerpt below. Funny piece. April Fools!

VideoNuze has learned that Google and Apple have teamed up to privatize the FCC in a transaction preliminarily valued at $42.5 billion. Though the U.S. government is already widely believed to be controlled by corporate interests, this is the first time that a formal deal to transfer ownership of a government agency has been contemplated. The deal has far-ranging implications for the media and technology industries, not to mention for American democracy. VideoNuze has gained exclusive access to the details.

…In a follow-up interview, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs added further detail, “I was sitting in my office micro-managing the legal weenies on this HTC lawsuit aimed at gumming up the Nexus One’s rollout when my iPhone rings with Eric’s caller ID. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even answer that back-stabbing, lying sack of you-know-what’s call but I wanted to rub his nose in our big legal plans. So I nonchalantly answer the phone, ‘What’s up dirtbag, looking for some more of Apple’s product ideas to steal?’ And he’s like, ‘yeah, whatever, look, here’s why I’m calling.’ And then he proceeds to tell me about this cockamamie scheme that he and those two Doogie Howser co-founder dorks of his have come up with, to privatize the FCC.”

Full April Fools Article

Google – Official Australian Google Maps Version

Google announced the Australian Google Maps will not be customized to Australian speak. See the hilarious changes below. Yea it was April Fools.

“Chucka U-ey” – Execute a U-Turn
“Hang a Right” – Make a right turn
“Fang a Left” – Make a left turn
“Hit the frog and toad” – The road
“Hoof it” – Walk
“100 Clicks” – 100 kilometres
“Not within Cooee” – Not close by
“Down the road” – Unspecified term indicating distance

Driving Styles
“Hit the anchors” – Brake, now
“Flat chat” – Going very fast
“Hoon” – Fast, irresponsible driver
“Bingle” – Car accident (not Lara)
“Bogged” – Stuck
“All over the shop” – Veering across lanes
“Rough as guts” – Car needs a tune
“Bag em up” – Smoke the tires
“Drive like my Grandma” – Going too slow
“Amber Gambler” – Runs orange lights
“Sunday Driver” – Poor driver.

Daily Burn iPad Weight Scale April Fools
Try this on Your iPad...

The iPad Fit Series

Not all that funny, but the picture is hilarious so just for kicks.
Try this at home. (if you weight 30 pounds).

Google Gmail Motion by Google

A bonus April Fool’s Joke from this year! Since lot of people are enjoying this newest one from Google, check it out below. If you are confused whether this is real or not, no worries, Google did notoriously come out with Gmail on… you guessed it April Fools Day. I think Gmail still exists today…

Gmail Motion Google Moves
Try out these various moves! It work's!

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