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Sparkrelief, a new non-profit that provides disaster relief released a special page where Japanese residence can offer up their homes as temporary shelters for those who affected by the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami. It is a very smart and clever idea worth sharing to the masses.

Homes for Japan Tsunami VictimsProviding More than Shelter, but Community

This page, put together in a matter of days, allows users to submit their homes with a short description so those seeking relief can for the time being find a place to go. The founder Eli Hayes says that providing a home goes far beyond simply offering shelter and food, but it provides a chance to experience community and care. “… you’ve lost a sense of community… What happens when you go into someone’s house and they take you in and start cooking you breakfast in the morning is that you have that community back again.

Sparkrelief Japan Tsunami Victims

Hayes and his brother understands this need as they were once displaced from their homes due to the Oakland fires. Without a place to stay or the means to stay at a hotel, they ended up sleeping in someone else’s home. When Colorado was hit by fires, Hayes found it difficult to find shelters for the disaster victims, grabbing from various bulletin boards as he found them. Thus he create a site to help consolidate the information which he carried over to the current situation. He hopes more groups can be involved and plans to add more features in the future.

Hayes isn’t making any money from Sparkrelief and says he is funding his staff of three out of pocket.

Personal Thoughts

I find this to site to be clever, and well-intentioned. It is one of those “why didn’t anyone think of this before” moments. There are obvious issues Hayes will have to deal with in terms of verifying the validity of the listings, partnering with local governments, getting the word out so people know to turn to this site for as a resource, and of course wondering how those displaced from their homes will ever be able to visit this site. The hope is that those who do have access and are servicing the needy can use this as a resource to find them some shelter.

We wanted to share this site, both as we always admire creativity and good intentions, but also to help get the word out and show a little love for their efforts

  • Good idea. Don’t you think?

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  1. Thanks for supporting Sparkrelief and our efforts in Japan! Would love to connect with you about your “Personal Thoughts” and suggestions for improving our service for those in need.

    Thanks for helping us further the collective mission of helping those in Japan! And thanks in advance for your reply.

    Eli Hayes

    Executive Director .

  2. Hi! I was thinking about offering a place to stay for a couple or a couple with a child from Japan, it would help if they speak some English, I am fluent in English and Spanish.
    The place would be available from the end of June to the end of October, maybe even more.
    I am located in Mexico, on the Pacific Coast, in the State of Nayarit, the town name is Sayulita, an hour north of the international airport in Puerto Vallarta.
    I hope many other people will offer their homes to help the japanese people in this horrible crisis.
    Best regards!

  3. let me get one of the sparkrelief site managers to respond to you here 🙂 I am unsure how international volunteers are to get involved. If we get some good info we’ll update the post with additional instructions.

  4. Thank you all for wanting to offer your home to Japanese Earthquake Victims,

    PLEASE post your offer directly to our site. This way we can ensure that your offer will be listed correctly.

    You can post your offer on our site easily by following these few easy steps
    1) Log On to
    2) Select English or Japanese language by clicking on the corresponding flag at the right of the screen
    3) Click the Orange Offer Housing Button in the top right
    4) Fill out the offer housing questionnaire with as much information as you can
    5) Submit Form
    Your offer will immediately be posted to our site and available for viewing to those in need.

    Please spread the word about to your friends, family and social network via twitter or Facebook so that others will post their housing too!

    Thanks again for being a compassionate citizen of the world,
    Elizabeth Moskow, Sparkrelief- Communications

  5. I have a guest apartment vacant for a family but I live near Washington DC.

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