Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style [Infographic]

Harlem Shake vs. Gangnam Style Tweets Infographic

Everyone loves infographics. Everyone is curious about things that go viral. Combine the two and you get this interesting infographic of useless information!

Below is an infographic comparing the twitter “virality” between two internet phenomenas: Harlem Shake vs. Gangnam Style. Bear in mind, this is an apples to orange comparison. Harlem Shake consist of numerous videos compiled by multiple peoples and groups. Thus the more videos that were generated, the more it is talked about and seen. An example is when the Miami Heat players created their own version, millions of viewers who were Miami fans swarmed to take a look. Many schools and teams created their own versions, significantly increasing the twitter chatter. Gangnam style is technically only one video, though many parodies were created it probably would not have been titled with “gangnam” thus may not have been pulled into the data set seen here.

Either way, this isn’t science but just a fun way to look at the data and the power of social.

Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style Infographic

  • Were the results surprising to you?
  • What was your favorite spoof of either video? (keep it clean).

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  1. I think the success of the Harlem Shake is that it involved a whole plethora of people making local videos. Gangham Style was just one person with his own unique music video.

    1. We need know one thing – Gangham style is from South Korean, where people do not like to use Twitter in general. People in Asia mostly use Facebook and YouTube but not Twitter. However, Harlem Shake is different. People can use Twitter and forward it easily.

  2. Now thats an interesting infographic of two of the most popular YouTube videos that went viral on the web. Its gives me a good perspective of what made these videos go viral.

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