Hi, I am Siri, the Humble Killing Personal Assistant

Siri Logo iPhone 4S

iPhone Siri Questions

  • How do you feel about a machine talking to you?
  • Is this the beginning of the end?
  • Terminator or Matrix mean anything to you?

Siri the Humble Personal Assistant is Born

Apple recently released the iPhone 4S packed with a new Dual-core A5 chip, an excellent all new 8MP camera, an assistant named Siri, IOS5, iCloud, and… wait a what?!

Siri is your “humble personal assistant” as it or she… will tell you. It has been created to take in your commands as you would normally say it, and it supposedly adapts to your commands the longer you use it. So you could say something like “Tell my wife I’m running late” or “Remind me to call my doctor” or “Any good Korean restaurants around here?” and the it… she will tell you what you need to know, or do whatever you’d like. It’s pretty awesome and scary.

I am Siri, your Humble Personal, Killing, Assistant!

Terminator Siri iPhone
I am Siri, your Humble Personal, Killing, Assistant!

Just don’t use your phone to pass secrets, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and by all means don’t give it your twitter login. Who knows what that crazy Siri might do that may ruin your life (or the world) forever.

Siri does have a sense of humor though… I just hope it never starts to giggle… in the middle of the night.

Siri’s Humorous Responses

Siri - iPhone 4S - Love You
You Don't Love Me - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Murder
You Need Help Buddy - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life? Why Ask Me? - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Who is on First
Who is on First - That's Right! - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Temperature
Temperature? It does't Matter - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Oh Stop
Let's just be Friends - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Oh My God
I found you God - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Meaning of Life 2
Meaning of Life - Easy! - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Meaning of Life 3
Meaning of Life. App for That - Siri
Siri - iPhone 4S - Marriage
Can't Marry You. No Seriously - Siri

More Siri Freakiness to Come

Have many more where those came from. We will post more later.
For now enjoy! Vote in our Poll, and Comment below which one is your favorite!

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  1. I’ve tried Siri for a very fleeting moment on my friend’s new iPhone 4S, and it was truly a witty “assistant.” We had a few minutes of fooling around, asking Siri silly questions, and each time, it replied with funny answers especially if Siri doesn’t understand the question or doesn’t know the answer.

    For most purposes, though, I’m quite fine with Vlingo on my Android smartphone.

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