“Plot Device” Viral Video by Red Giant Software

Plot Device Red Giant Viral Video

Plot Device Viral Video by Red Giant Software

Check out this viral video from Red Giant Software highlighting the use of their Professional Video Tool, Magic Bullet Suite 11. It’s well done and fun to watch! Not only is it fun, but it actually shows you the capabilities of the product itself. Magic Bullet Suite 11 is a tool with built in visual effect plug-ins that are easily implemented into any video product. The company brought in an indie filmmaker named Seth Worley to create this piece called “Plot Device” to show off some the different visual effects. Love sharing some good clean advertising!

Magic Bullet Suite 11 is professional toolkit for filmmakers designed by film director Stu Maschwitz. I highly recommend this product for anyone working on a budget or desire Hollywood quality results for their short films and videos. It’s convenient, easy to use, and really makes things look awesome with very little effort. Magic Bullet Suite helps with color grading, color treatment, removing noise, and adding tons of simple effects such as adding specific glows, lighting, flares, vignettes, shadows and so on.

Intel – The Chase Commercial

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Another well made commercial created by Intel to build up buzz around the 2nd eneration Intel® Core™ i5 processor. It is another video where an fun action spot is created but has the dual purpose of showing of the performance capabilities of the product itself. It isn’t as well-done as the previous video, but clever none the less and a creative idea worth sharing.

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