Black Friday 2011: What’s the Buzz (in Social Media) [Infographic]

Black Friday 2011Black Friday – Billion Dollar Business

In 2010, 212 million people spent around $45 billion dollars on Black Friday alone. As social media continues to grow and become mainstream, social media mediums such as Facebook and Twitter has become a huge source of buzz and announcements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • So what is the buzz on Black Friday?
  • What are people talking about?
  • Where are they headed?

Where are people planning to shop?

  • Walmart: 21%
  • Best Buy: 20%
  • Target: 13%
  • Macy: 11%
  • Amazon: 10%
  • Kmart: 9% (Kmart is still alive!?)
Black Friday 2011 Shopping
I'm so excited to buy stuff for myself!!!

Who will they buy it for?

  • Themselves: 46% (selfish!)
  • Others: 36% (aww…)
  • Both: 18% (feeling justified?)

What will they buy on Black Friday?

Computers / Tablets: 18% (iPads & Macbook Pro)
DVD / Music / Video: 17% (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Call of Duty: MW3)
Shoes: 16% (Black Air Jordan Cements 3s, Black Air Yeezy 2)
Clothes: 14% (Polo Ralph Lauren, The Northface)
TVs: 12% (Flat Screen, 3D)
Cell Phones & Cameras: 9% (iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 4G)

“In a recent study, 69% of shoppers stated that they trust the Internet for information on products and services (versus 43% who said magazines, and 35% who said TV). And 55% of shoppers say they’re less impulsive shoppers because of the Internet – they now take the time to research.”

Tablets: iPad vs Kindle Fire

10:1 – For every time Kindle Fire is mentioned on social media, iPad is mentioned 10 times the amount. As shoppers tend to discuss the brands and items they desire on social media, this is a trend that is noteworthy.

  • Anyone planning to get an iPad or Kindle Fire?

Black Friday Statistics Infographic!

Black Friday Twitter Infographic

  • What are you buying this Black Friday?
  • Do you end up buying something you need, or something you didn’t really need at all!

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  1. WOW this is really interesting infographic, I’m really surprised that men talk about this day more than women as women loooooove shopping hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great infographic! As an attorney aid, what we remember black friday for is the number of people calling to ask if they have a lawsuit against a store for false advertising.

    We have to patiently explain that while it is sneaky, Wal-Mart is allowed to advertize TV’s for $100, even if they only have 1 of those TV’s stocked at that price.

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