Watch Pixar’s Brave Movie Trailer: Breaking Traditions

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Watch the Brave Pixar Trailer

The new Brave trailer is out. Brave is the next Pixar movie slated to make its theatrical debut on June 22, 2012. Pixar has been known to produce high quality, clean, family friendly movies on a consistent basis. I always look forward to Pixar movie releases. They never really disappoint especially compared to lot of the garbage “family” movies out there.

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Pixar Brave’s Story & Premise

Brave follows the story of Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald). Merida is a young Scottish woman from the Highlands. She is out to “carve out her own path in life,” breaking the traditions of her people. It delves into the themes of tradition, bravery and self-journey.

Watch Pixar’s Brave Movie Trailer

Traditions vs “Being True to Yourself”

One thing I wonder is how Pixar will go about portraying the breaking of traditions. In our culture, media often romanticizes and promotes the idea of self independence and doing what you feel is right, often at the expense of tradition and responsibilities. It is the idea to forget what everyone tells you because you need to be true to yourself. Rebelling against authority, and following your own sense of right and wrong is sprinkled everywhere because inwardly, we all want to do what we want to do. That is why it appeals to us. In many ways, tradition and duty is often given very little weight, though often traditions are there for good reason.

Movies that take protagonists that breaks traditions, relationships, perhaps cause a lot of hurt and pain, but in the end has everything work out, makes us a little bit more open to that idea that it really is all about being true to oneself. The value of self-sacrifice and holding to responsibilities and duty even if it puts a damper in one’s own desires and plans is undermined in many cases. Think about sacrificing careers to be with your family, giving up own interest for the betterment of the group, giving up your dream because of your commitment to something or someone.

Some movies do fine with these themes. Mulan comes to mind. Mulan is shown as self-sacrificial. She breaks traditional roles, not because she wants to gain something for herself, but to save her Father. But then there are movies where the main character simply does what he or she feels like because it makes them happy or in the name of love or because they are trying to be “true to herself,” meanwhile leaving a string of pain and hurts behind. (But then it all magically works out in the end right? So why not?)

But I will always give Pixar the benefit of the doubt. Unlike most movies, Pixar has always managed to churn out a good message and their movies seems to be sensitive to the family viewers. So hoping for the best and looking forward to Brave.

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