Viral Video: Susan Boyle Britians Got Talent, Ironman vs Bruce Lee

Susan Boyle - Britians got Talent - I Dreamed a Dream
Susan Boyle - Britians got Talent - I Dreamed a Dream
What are Viral Videos?

Viral Videos are online video’s that gets spread around very quickly. People like the video and send the links to their friends who send to their friends and so on. Typically when people say a video goes viral, it means millions of people view it within a span of several days. Companies all dream of having one of their videos go “Viral”.

Periodically as part of the creativity series, I’ll post some videos that have gone viral. Of course they need to be clean, creative and something worth sharing. Slide these in between more serious posts. There are too many to share so I’ll post 2 at at time. Enjoy!

Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009
Susan Boyle a 47 years old charity worker from West Lothian, Scotland. Currently unemployed she went on “Britain’s Got Talent”, an American Idol Equivalent to sing for the judges. With a small stature and elderly age, everyone laughs as she speaks about wanting to be a professional singer. She chose to sing “I dreamed a dream” from les misérables. See what happens.

Ironman vs Bruce Lee
Created by Monsieur Belvin 03/19/2009. Music by DJ4Joy. A Stop Motion Film. Stop Motion is when one takes still objects and take pictures of the objects with slight modification. Think creating a flipbook but with real 3d objects or an old school animated disney film where the artist has to painstakingly draws a picture of every frame and puts it together to make it come alive. Enjoy and watch.

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  1. Wow! that was amazing! I thought she would be good, but didn’t think she would be that great. Thanks for the post =).

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