Viral Video: ‘Twouble with Twitter’ & Flutter the New Twitter

Twitter Fail Whale - Twouble with Twitter
Twitter Fail Whale - Twouble with Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is known as a micro-blogging site. It is a place where a person can create a Twitter profile where one can post entries or “tweets” of 140 characters or less. Friends and Strangers alike can follow your tweets just like anyone would follow a blog. Twitter is one of the most well known social networks today.

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Below are two fun viral videos that pokes fun at Twitter and the type of info that it is used for. Twitter has often been ridiculed for being the medium in which people update each other about every mundane thing they do. “Watching TV with my Cat” “I forgot how much I like my pickles”


“Twouble with Twitter”

This is a hilarious video of two people at work discussing twitter. One person just started to use twitter and is raving about it’s uses while his co-worker adamantly claims that its absurd. More hilarious if you are familiar with Twitter. (Info: The White Twitter Fail Whale is what appears on the screen when Twitter has a problem such as too many users hitting their servers at once. The Fail Whale has it’s own subculture including t-shirts, clubs and sculptures). Warning, little blood at the end.

Flutter: The New Twitter

A new company called “Flutter: The New Twitter” which takes the twitter idea to a whole new level. For the gullible folks, it is a parody.

Defending Twitter

Ok. So to balance out the mockery in this post, Twitter does have some useful functions. Twitter is a great medium to communicate up to date reports on conferences and events live. You can also ask a quick question to your contacts and get quick responses. It can be used to spread important information quickly through the contact network.

  • What other way have you found twitter to be useful?
  • What is your feeling and opinion on Twitter? Think it’s useful? Think it’s dumb?

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