Creativity: Great TV Commercial Series and Athletes – MasterCard & NBA

What happens when you take the a great TV Commercial idea and add athletes? A wonderful TV Commercial with, you guessed it, athletes. Companies take great care to only use the most clean cut of athletes to promote their brand.

Mastercard “Priceless” Commercial: Peyton Manning
Below is one such example of using Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, in one of the most creative campaigns in TV history – the priceless Mastercard series. Following that is two very well made TV series by the NBA.

NBA “Where Amazing Happens” TV Commercials
I also wanted to add a few NBA TV Commercial spots because I believe the NBA has done a lot of very creative TV spots in the last 2 years. Just like the creative Mastercard series noted above or the readily recognizable Mac vs PC commercials, these two commercials has spawned millions of spoofs as well as imitations virally throughout the internet.

The first spot below is what they are using to promote the NBA as a whole. There are numerous TV spots similar to this one. It is the “Where Amazing Happens” Series. Very clever.

NBA Playoff Series Commercials
This spot was used during the playoffs using the two most well known players from opposing teams for each round of the playoffs, both stating a very inspiring and focused statement. Yet the twist is only one team will move on and will be able to fulfill what they desire. This is one with Kobe Bryant and Shaq as they faced off in the 1st round of the playoffs. Extremely Clever TV Commercial.

What are your thoughts?

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