Is Marketing why Samsung got so big this year?

Samsung Outspends Apple in Marketing

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This past year there was a significant shift in the smartphone world. Samsung has vaulted up the charts and have become a huge player alongside Apple. With the launch of Apple iPhone, the smartphone industry was for a while a one big-player industry. As blackberries and palms faded into obscurity, there was Apple and everyone else.

Was their increased market share due to marketing?

Here’s a question: How much of that has been due to Samsung’s increased marketing spend? No one likes to think that just seeing more advertising is affecting them in anyway, but companies would not spend millions of dollars if there was no evidence of it working. I see Samsung ads everywhere I go. They’ve plastered billboards and their commercials are all over the media. Not long ago, Samsung was just another player, but now the attitude of most is that Samsung is very good alternative – perhaps the only real alternative to the iPhone.

Samsung made a strategic play to attack Apple directly in their ads as well as blanket media with their brand. Check out the new spend figures below. Samsung increased their advertising by 5x.

Samsung Apple Ad Spend

What do you think?

  • How much do you believe marketing played in the role of their increased brand awareness?
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2 of 9 Tweets about Superbowl ads, not the Game!

Superbowl Tweets: Game vs the Ads

Social media nerds and marketers! Some fun superbowl twitter statistics only someone like you would enjoy.

There were 20.9 million superbowl related tweets on superbowl sunday and a whopping 6.1 million of those tweets were about the ads rather than the game. GoDaddy’s ad led the way with 290,000 tweets, nearly 6x more than audi, but also had the distinction of having only 14% of those tweets being positive. Tide had the best responses with 86% positive sentiment. Godaddy was at 14%.

Would you consider godaddy’s ad “successful” considering the most of the high buzz was negative? Or is any press good press as the old adage would say?

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” ad scored the highest in terms of positive sentiment tweets and increasing followers.

Check out the Superbowl Social Statistics infographic below and let us know which ad you expected to generate the most buzz!

The Superbowl Social Statistics

Or might as well “tweet” it to @cleancutmedia!

Superbowl Tweet Infographic Statistics

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Watch the New TV Ad for Microsoft Surface Tablet

New Microsoft Surface Tablet TV Ad

Is Microsoft Trying to Change?

Microsoft just release it’s first television ad for the Surface tablet. It is called “The Surface Movement” where the characters spontaneously enter into a dance routine focused around their unique attachable cover keyboards. The Surface tablet itself wasn’t prominently featured, but the coordination involved in the dance routine is impressive and those keyboards had drawn a lot of interest because it simply made a lot of sense to integrate it into the cover.

Microsoft Surface Tablet TV AdMicrosoft has always had this perception of being an “old” company that doesn’t really change or try new things. However with this new Surface tablet, they have taken a big step towards trying something completely new, with a new interface, a creative keyboard and now this light-hearted ad.

  • What do you think of this ad?
  • Fun? Cool? Or trying to hard?
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McDonald’s Photoshop Burger Advertisment Video

McDonald Quarter Pounder Photoshop Burger

The Perfect McDonald’s Advertising Burger

Dear McDonald’s – “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?”

This was a question asked by a customer to McDonald’s. I am sure lot of us always wondered or at least balked at how perfect the burgers look on the ads yet look so flat, small, and less appetizing in real life.

Well folks, we already know the answer. It’s because the burgers are carefully crafted and yes, photoshopped to perfection. That is not a surprise. The surprise is that McDonald’s answered this question by producing a quick video on the whole process.

Was this a good move or bad move by McDonald’s?

Either way, we’ve often talked about famous photo manipulations here at Clean Cut Media especially in terms of how altering photos of people causes us to have distorted view of beauty. This is a different kind of “Beauty”, perhaps not so harmful, but still is pretty fun to watch as they carefully craft and photoshop a quarter-pounder with cheese.

Hungry Anyone? Enjoy the video.

Mcdonald’s Photoshopped Burger Video

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Hits New Records

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Hit New Records

Online Shopping for Black Friday once again broke all previous records with sales of $816 million, up 26% compared to 2010. Even Thanksgiving Day (November 24th) which traditionally is a low sales day, saw a 18% increase in sales to $479 million.

Cyber Monday is estimated to have produced $1.25 billion dollars in sales (according to ComScore), up 22% from Cyber Monday 2010 which also was a record at the time. Last year we were stunned as Cyber Monday exceeded 1 Billion. However the sales continue to roll in. Other surveys conducted by IBM and eBay found even greater increases of 33% and 25% respectively. It’s final. Americans are spending more and more each year. Doesn’t matter if the economy is down, people will buy what they want.

Black Friday Sales Statistics at $816 Million

Black Friday Visits & Sales Statistics

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target & Apple Leads the Way

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Apple were the top 5 most visited retailer properties during Black Friday. 50 million Americans were out and about, visiting retail stores to search for the best Black Friday deals. These visitors accounted for a 35% increase in visits versus 2010.

Black Friday ComScore RetailA source from Apple Retail has shared that Apple’s forecast for Black Friday was 4X the normal sales levels. However, by 7PM, Apple had already blown past those forecasts fueled through big ticket items like the iPad and MacBook Air sales.

Other Black Friday Sales & Visit Statistics

  • Mobile devices accounted for 14.3% of all online Black Friday traffic, up 5.6% and responsible for 9.8% of online sales.
  • Ecommerce sales were up 59% compared to last year.
  • Black Friday mentions on Facebook & Twitter was up 110%.

Cyber Monday Sales Statistics – Tops $1.25 Billion!

On Cyber Monday, the average American consumer spent $198.26, up 2.6% from 2010. That’s nearly $200 dollars a person folks. More than 1 in 10 people used a mobile device to do research while about 6.6% of sales took place on the mobile device itself. This is 3X compared to 2010.

Mind Boggling Numbers: What do you think?

  • Any of these statistics surprise you? Disturb you?
  •  Were you able to find anything good on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
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Black Friday 2011: What’s the Buzz (in Social Media) [Infographic]

Black Friday 2011Black Friday – Billion Dollar Business

In 2010, 212 million people spent around $45 billion dollars on Black Friday alone. As social media continues to grow and become mainstream, social media mediums such as Facebook and Twitter has become a huge source of buzz and announcements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • So what is the buzz on Black Friday?
  • What are people talking about?
  • Where are they headed?

Where are people planning to shop?

  • Walmart: 21%
  • Best Buy: 20%
  • Target: 13%
  • Macy: 11%
  • Amazon: 10%
  • Kmart: 9% (Kmart is still alive!?)
Black Friday 2011 Shopping
I'm so excited to buy stuff for myself!!!

Who will they buy it for?

  • Themselves: 46% (selfish!)
  • Others: 36% (aww…)
  • Both: 18% (feeling justified?)

What will they buy on Black Friday?

Computers / Tablets: 18% (iPads & Macbook Pro)
DVD / Music / Video: 17% (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Call of Duty: MW3)
Shoes: 16% (Black Air Jordan Cements 3s, Black Air Yeezy 2)
Clothes: 14% (Polo Ralph Lauren, The Northface)
TVs: 12% (Flat Screen, 3D)
Cell Phones & Cameras: 9% (iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 4G)

“In a recent study, 69% of shoppers stated that they trust the Internet for information on products and services (versus 43% who said magazines, and 35% who said TV). And 55% of shoppers say they’re less impulsive shoppers because of the Internet – they now take the time to research.”

Tablets: iPad vs Kindle Fire

10:1 – For every time Kindle Fire is mentioned on social media, iPad is mentioned 10 times the amount. As shoppers tend to discuss the brands and items they desire on social media, this is a trend that is noteworthy.

  • Anyone planning to get an iPad or Kindle Fire?

Black Friday Statistics Infographic!

Black Friday Twitter Infographic

  • What are you buying this Black Friday?
  • Do you end up buying something you need, or something you didn’t really need at all!
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Dr. Pepper Ten Commercial – Not for Women

Dr Pepper 10 Not for Woman

Dr Pepper Ten Commercial says NOT FOR WOMEN!

Coke has Coke Zero, Pepsi has Pepsi Max, and so Dr Pepper now has Dr Pepper TEN. Dr Pepper TEN caused quiet a stir from it’s launch due to the funny and semi-controversial ad. The TV commercial shows a mini-action film where a manly man drives through the dangerous jungle, Dr Pepper TEN in one hand, while shooting enemies and punching snakes with the other. It is action packed and ends with the quote “NOT FOR WOMEN.” Dr Pepper has taken a unique position of catering the drink to men, who perhaps view diet drinks as unmanly.

Are Diet Drinks too Unmanly?

Many years ago, Miller Brewing Company came out with Miller Lite, a beer with less calories. Great for those who wanted to avoid the beer belly and wanted to watch their weight. Yet there was real concern that men wouldn’t want to be associated with diet drinks because perhaps it wasn’t very manly. Miller chose to launch a bunch of TV commercials depicting manly men like Bubba Smith, Joe Frazier, and Ben Davidson to endorse the drinks and start arguing over different topics such as whether lite beer has “great taste” and “less filling.” By using manly men as well as focusing the argument over taste and body, Miller was able to divert the attention away from whether it was manly or not. To top it off, these ads would sometimes have these manly men argue then jump into a bar brawl. These series of ads are often ranked as one of the best ad campaigns in history. The ad campaign was a great success as nobody ever though of lite beer as unmanly.

Dr Pepper 10 Advertisement CommercialIs the Dr Pepper Ten Commercial Controversial?

The commercials caused a stir. Some people find it offensive and exclusionary especially due to the tagline “not for women.” Others think it’s simply funny and there is no real harm done. Just like certain shampoos or deodorants target women, many feel it’s not a big deal to just target men. One thing we can all agree on is that it has drawn the attention it intended do. The Facebook page has been buzzing with a lot of back and forth between the two camps. Women put up pictures of themselves drinking Dr Pepper TEN while others argue that it’s discriminating.

I personally don’t take much offense to the commercial mainly because it doesn’t degrade woman in anyway. It’s just a product focusing on a specific target group. I don’t like the fact that it plays on stereotypes of men, but so far the ads haven’t been offensive in anyway. Just to give perspective, I find those AXE ad campaigns highly offensive to women. Another product targeting men, but often degrading women in the progress. Dr Pepper TEN so far doesn’t do the latter.

How does Dr Pepper TEN Taste vs. Diet Dr Pepper?

But the real question is, how does it taste? Diet Dr Pepper has always been one of the better diet drinks that does an excellent job retaining the flavor of the original. Coke Zero is another. How about Dr Pepper TEN? I had one for the first time this week. It’s excellent. I actually like it slightly better than the Diet version. Plus I feel more manly. Just kidding. Don’t need a drink for that.

Watch the commercial below and tell us what you think!

  • Offensive? OK?
  • Men – does the ad make you want to drink it?
  • Women – does the ad make you want to drink it.. simply because it says not for women 🙂

Dr Pepper TEN Not for Women Commercial


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“Skinny Water” says Skinny Always Gets the Attention

Skinny Water Says “Skinny Always Gets the Attention

A recent Skinny Water advertising poster shows a lady standing before a throng of photographers with the headline “Skinny Always Gets the Attention.” Basically the message is that one assured way of getting attention is to be skinny. Normally low-calorie drink producers tend to market as a “healthy alternative” highlighting drinks that are low in calorie but high in vitamins. Skinny Water takes a completely different approach by simply saying, you need to be skinny, so drink a zero calorie drink.

Take a look at the AD below. Let us know – What is your gut reaction!?
(Note: How about Starbucks calling their low fat custom drinks “skinny”… different?)

Skinny Water Ad – Skinny Always Gets the Attention

Skinny Water Advertising Poster

Message: You know you like the attention. You want it? Skinny is how you get it.

Skinny Water Ad – Strut Your Skinny

Skinny Water Ad - Strut Your Skinny

Message: Being Skinny is valuable. It’s worth showing off. Be proud of being skinny.

Skinny Water Ad – Life Can Feel This Good

Skinny Water Ad - Life Can Feel This Good Advertising

Message: Life Can Feel This Good… if you are Skinny. Bottom says “Love the Skinny Life.”

We ask again. What is your gut reaction!?

NOTE: Skinny Water pulled this campaign for obvious reasons. Smart move, though the damage is done.

After that, check out another skinny centric campaign that started great controversy: Pretzel Crisps Skinny Campaign. That was also pulled…

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“Plot Device” Viral Video by Red Giant Software

Plot Device Red Giant Viral Video

Plot Device Viral Video by Red Giant Software

Check out this viral video from Red Giant Software highlighting the use of their Professional Video Tool, Magic Bullet Suite 11. It’s well done and fun to watch! Not only is it fun, but it actually shows you the capabilities of the product itself. Magic Bullet Suite 11 is a tool with built in visual effect plug-ins that are easily implemented into any video product. The company brought in an indie filmmaker named Seth Worley to create this piece called “Plot Device” to show off some the different visual effects. Love sharing some good clean advertising!

Magic Bullet Suite 11 is professional toolkit for filmmakers designed by film director Stu Maschwitz. I highly recommend this product for anyone working on a budget or desire Hollywood quality results for their short films and videos. It’s convenient, easy to use, and really makes things look awesome with very little effort. Magic Bullet Suite helps with color grading, color treatment, removing noise, and adding tons of simple effects such as adding specific glows, lighting, flares, vignettes, shadows and so on.

Intel – The Chase Commercial

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Another well made commercial created by Intel to build up buzz around the 2nd eneration Intel® Core™ i5 processor. It is another video where an fun action spot is created but has the dual purpose of showing of the performance capabilities of the product itself. It isn’t as well-done as the previous video, but clever none the less and a creative idea worth sharing.

  • Know of other well made commercials that serve the dual purpose of showing of the product?
  • Please share in comments!
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Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet for $6400

Summary of the Brokenness of our World

What has the world come to…

Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet

Don’t wait too long! You can’t sit on this forever! It’s a $6,400 toilet called “Numi”. It’s a “Smart Toilet” by Kohler that pretty much does everything and anything you never thought you wanted your toilet to do. I can do with a warm toilet seat, but different seat positions, water pressures, ambient lighting, foot warmer, air dryer, touch screen remote control, mp3 player? I ain’t touching that mp3 player.

Kohler Numi Toilet $6400
Don't Touch That! Very Expensive!

It’s a Fashion Statement for the Luxurious

David Kohler, president and COO of the Wisconsin-based Kohler company, says “the luxury market’s coming back in this country and (is) very strong in other parts of the world. This product is targeted at those consumers who want the best — they want the latest in design and technology (and) want a fashion statement in their home.”

Basically, we live in a country so wealthy, that dropping several thousand dollars down the toilet (oh yes puns very so intended) on a toilet seat for things you never thought you needed and still don’t need is actually realistic enough to build a business around. In the name of fashion? It’s so sad…

Kohler Numi Toilet Touchscreen
The Touchscreen I Never Want to Touch

Not only that, the feel of the commercial really tries to make the viewer feel like they luxury is good, something to be had and desired.

  • Do we really need to spend more and more on ourselves just because it’s available to us?
  • What is reasonable and when is it going to far?
  • How do we know when it is too much?

If it breaks, I don’t know if I should call the plumber or the computer geek next door.

What is wrong with your toilet?
Maybe I am running out of memory?
Have you tried rebooting it?

I am waiting someone to say April Fools, but… it’s not coming. It’s just so.. wasteful.

  • PLEASE SHARE – what is your thoughts on all this?
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Volkswagen Super Bowl & Verizon Commercials

Little Darth Vadar Stop the Volkswagen Car!

Clean Cut TV Commercials

Here at Clean Cut Media, we not only talk about bad influences of media, but we try to balance it out by promoting good media. We like clean movies, we like clean & awesome commercials, and are happy for the companies that promote such media. Media is part of life folks, just a matter of knowing what to consume, not to consume, and of course how much we should be consuming. Below are a few recent commercials with some buzz that are clean cut and well made.

Darth Vader Volkswagen SuperBowlVolkswagen’s Super Bowl Commercial: Darth Vader

Volkswagen did something most companies would not have thought of. Reveal their Super Bowl commercial before the Super Bowl! One may think, why? It takes away from the hype! Oh, but I see this as a good move on their part. In about 2 days, it already has 6 million views as it gets passed along virally, hogging all the attention, riding on the hype of all the anticipation. Good move Volkswagen. Also kudos on the nice, simple, clean cut commercial. The Video shows little Darth Vadar in his attempts to use the force. Watch it!

Of course the commercial says nothing about the car at all. Just trying to associate warm fuzzy feeling with the car and brand. That is the state of advertising folks!

iPhone Verizon vs AT&T Commercials

A clear shot at it’s “rival” AT&T. You have to love the simplicity of this ad, yet it indirectly emphasizes their differentiator – their reputation as the best network. It builds their reputation and continues to link the idea that Verizon’s service is clearly better than AT&Ts. It doesn’t directly attack anyone, but pokes a bit of fun, bringing out that “ooooHH” feeling we get when someone has a good witty, comeback. Or maybe it’s just me.

Meanwhile Apple laughs at all the excellent publicity they are getting as the two networks dual it out. Apple is the ultimate winner.

I also enjoyed their trailer video. Simple, Clean “cut”, and to the point:

Oh and some old clean Super Bowl commercials from last year.

What do you think about these commercials?
What did you like and not like about them?

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Cyber Monday Spending Exceeds $1 Billion

Cyber Monday Spending Exceeds $1 Billion

Wow. 1.028 Billion Dollars. That’s a lot of money. You would think with the “economic crisis” and the ridiculously high unemployment rate (9%+ for past year), people would spend less. Are we sure our economy is down?

ComScore released fresh data that showed this past Cyber Monday was the biggest online spending day in history by breaking the $1 billion mark. The data shows a 16% rise in spending from last year near $1.028 billion in total online spending.

Online Shopping - Internet SpendingHow Can People Spend So Much!?

Now let’s keep in mind that the internet is still growing. Ecommerce is still relatively young and companies are getting better and better at presenting their products, making it easy to purchase and advertising their products. For example, have you ever visited some site, only to suddenly see ads for that site everywhere you go? In fact not only the ad for the site, but for the products you were searching for? Then you start getting emails highlighting those products just when you start to think about it again? “It’s like they know exactly what I want and am thinking!”

That’s called remarketing. It’s pretty awesome tool as a marketer, a little freaky to consumers, but ultimately it does a more granular job of targeting consumers.

So as the internet online shopping grows, so will these figures. Don’t be surprised to see more billion dollar days before the end of the year. Also keep in mind that there might be a lot of people who are simply choosing to shop online versus shopping in store. Lot of factors to consider when looking at statistics such as these.

More Online Spending Statistics

  • 4% more people are shopping online (9 million)
  • Shoppers are averaging 10% more per transaction ($60.05)
  • Bazillion lost in worker productivity (my estimate)

Cyber Monday Statistics Comscore Online Spending

Half of all dollars spend on online purchases were made from work computers especially as retailers used a lot of different strategies to keep getting users to come back to their site with numerous smaller sales for different parts of the day.

There was also clear trends to continue strong sales throughout the weekend, into Cyber Monday, then through the following week. Black Friday came in at $658 Million and the following Thanksgiving Weekend Sat & Sun came in around $400-$450 each which was a whopping 28% higher spend than last year.

Confession Time – How Much of the 1 Billion was You!

Don’t have to share everything, but if your willing let us know!

  • What did you buy for Cyber Monday?
  • How much did you spend?
  • Did you spend more than last year?
  • Where did you shop the most online? Amazon? Apple?
  • What is your first impression hearing people spend over $1 billion dollars!
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